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To be added to our waiting list we will conduct a lengthy questionnaire by email or phone interview to determine if one of our puppies would be best suited for your home.  After being approved and added to our waiting list we will request a small deposit of $300 to secure a puppy from the requested litter.  In the event that a puppy matching your criteria is not whelped, or a situation arises outside of the breeder's control resulting in that puppy not being available,  a puppy of similar or better quality from the next available litter will be offered.  In the event that the approved home chooses not to purchase that puppy upon the offer being made, the deposit is forfeit and the breeder is under no continued obligation to offer additional replacement puppies from subsequent litters. 



We have one female puppy available to a show or pet home ...


We have puppies due approximately August 12, 2015.  

We are expecting a large litter as at least 10 puppies were confirmed on the ultrasound.  

Please contact us if interested as we will likely have a couple not already pre-spoken for.


As excited as we now are for these puppies' arrival, I will be the first to admit that this was not a planned breeding and as such we do not have our 'ducks in a row' as much as we normally do with litters.  Their pending arrival has necessitated early health testing of their young papa whom we....under normal circumstances....would never have considered breeding at his age.  Regardless accidents can & do happen and we will ensure to the best of our ability that these puppies grow up to be sound representatives of the breed and go on to loving committed family environments.  Without further adieu please meet the parents:

SIRE:  CH Onyxgold's English Pound "STERLING"

           OFA EYES CLEAR, OFA FULL DENTITION, OFA Heart clear by ECHO (July 16, 2015 awaiting OFA NUMBER), and OFA HIPS / ELBOWS PRELIM 2015 JULY 16 awaiting results

             ~~ please visit his OFA page for results of these tests.  We do not anticipate any surprises as his hips / elbows appear excellent however we are still awaiting OFA ratings


DAM:  CH Onyxgold's Desert Eagle "MAGNUM"


         ~~ please visit her OFA page for full results

We expect these puppies to be of excellent temperament and health.  While this was not planned ..... both parents are highly complementary to each other and will be a linebreeding on some incredibly successful working and conformation dogs.  We are excited for their arrival !!





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