Our Favorite Links:

CLUBS:  ~~The Rottweiler Club of Canada ~~The Canadian Kennel Club ~~The American Kennel Club

SHOW SERVICES: ~~ Onofrio Dog services in the United States ~~Canuck Dog services in Canada

TRAINING: ~~Paws That Please pet training

INTERESTING SITES:  ~~ Online Forum everything about Rottweilers
  ~~ Online pedigree database ~~ Rottweiler Nation


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..these Rottweiler sites!

HEALTH: ~~ Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website ~~ Canine Eye Research Foundation  CERF ~~Infinite Pawsibilities Canine Massage and Wellness  ~~dog acqua therapy Edmonton

ShOW SUPPLIES:  ~~dog show supplies site
  ~~dog show supplies site

HANDLERS:  ~~Penny Lewis' website, our sensational handler!! ~~ Larry Clark's website (who has graciously stepped in on occasion when Penny gets tied up in another ring)

WEBSITE: ~~ Akamai Web Design

The SIRES OF OUR LITTERS:  ~~ Website of Ace the sire of our Royal Litter  ~~ Website of Deutsch the future sire of our planned litter ~~ Website of Cae
mon the sire of our A and HEAT litters


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